You will get the best prices for Sotetsu Fresa Inn and Sotetsu Grand Fresa by booking you hotel reservation on this official website, which offers the best rates.

If the accommodation you have booked on our official website was available (for the same content and with the same conditions) at a lower rate on another accommodation booking website, please contact the hotel directly at the time. After checking the content, if it is confirmed that we have not maintained the best rate, we will gladly provide you the accommodation at the price that you have reported to us.

Conditions for offering the best rate

In order to offer the best rate, the following conditions must be met.

  • the same hotel
  • Same services/benefits (including meals and amenities)
  • Same reservation date and time
  • Same dates for the booking
  • Same number of people
  • the same room type (same view)
  • Same duration of stay (check-in/check-out time)
  • Same payment method
  • Same cancellation conditions

* May be sold at the same rate as on other accommodation booking websites.

Best rate comparison exclusions

The following cases will be excluded from comparisons when providing the best rate.

  • Services that can not be reserved on the website, such as reservations accepted by telephone only
  • Plans that redeem points used on other accommodation booking websites, sponsored plans, etc.
  • Charges (including points, coupons, etc.) that the hotel is not able to participate in, such as limited-time sales and campaigns conducted on other accommodation booking websites or limited plans for members of the website, etc.
  • Products not intended for general customers, such as products for corporate contracts, employee welfare programs, specific membership organizations, and groups
  • Products that require prepayment using special payment methods (including online auctions and joint purchases), or through credit cards, debit cards, vouchers, coupons, etc.
  • Packaged products that include more than accommodation, such as transportation, meals, or the use of facilities
  • Agent-organized tours etc. sold by travel agencies that are published in pamphlets and on websites. (Products where the hotel does not have a part in the sale price)
  • Products whose prices fluctuate depending on the exchange rate

Inquiries about the Best Rate Guarantee

For inquiries regarding the plan price of each hotel, please use the following.