Here we answer some frequently asked questions from guests.


I'd like to book a room with a good view.

Please ask a member of hotel staff when making your booking. If you are booking online, please put your request in the "Comments" section. Please be aware that it may not be possible to meet such requests, depending on the availability of guest rooms.

I booked online, but I'm not sure if my booking was successful.

If you made your booking online via our website, you can check details of your booking on the website itself.

I would like to amend or cancel my booking

If you made your booking online via our website, you can amend or cancel your booking by going to the"Amend or Cancel Booking" page. If you made your booking by telephone, please call the hotel to change or cancel your booking.

Can I book on the day itself?

If you made your booking online via our website, you can amend or cancel your booking by going to the "Amend or Cancel Booking" page.

How far in advance can I make a booking?

We accept bookings from six months in advance, on average. For full details, please check the relevant page on the each hotel page.

Charges and payment

Do you charge different rates for children?

Yes. Rates for children vary depending on the hotel. Please see the available options at each of our hotels for details.

Do you impose cancellation charges?

Yes. Cancellation charges are as follows.
・Day before stay: 20% of room charge
・Day of stay: 80% of room charge
・No show: 100% of room charge

However, the cancellation policy may be different for certain offers in the event that the plan was reserved online. Information regarding the cancellation policy can be found with the plan information and in your reservation confirmation email.

Can I pay online?

Only some hotels can accept Paypal for payment. We apologize for the inconvenience. For hotels that are not eligible, please pay at the reception desk during check-in.

Can I pay by debit card?

Unfortunately, we do not accept payment by debit card.

Can I pay by PASMO, Suica, Edy, etc.?

Unfortunately, we do not accept such methods of payment.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes. We accept VISA, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, Diners Club and Sotetsu Card.

Guest rooms, facilities and other services

Can you make a reservation for restaurants for me?

We are afraid, but we do not make a reservation for restaurants or tickets of amusement parks on behalf of the guests. Thank you for your understanding.

Can I get food delivered to my room?

Details are available at each of our hotels.Please make arrangements on arrival.

Do you have refrigerators stocked with drinks? Are there any vending machines in the hotel?

Guest rooms are equipped with refrigerators, but they are not stocked with drinks.
Please switch on your refrigerator at the power socket and use it to store your own drinks or refreshments.
There are vending machines inside our hotels, and we can also provide you with information on the nearest convenience stores.

Can I get a massage in my room?

Details are available at each of our hotels. Please make arrangements on arrival.

What facilities/equipment do you have available for hire?

Details are available for each of our hotels on the "Facilities" page.

What is a "Universal Room"?

Our Universal Rooms are "barrier-free" rooms that are designed so that disabled guests can enjoy their stay with total confidence.

What are "Ladies' Rooms" or "Ladies' Floors"?

Our Ladies' Rooms offer a higher level of service exclusively for female guests, including additional amenities, facial steamers, curling dryers and hair straighteners. Why not try one of our rooms for yourself?
*Services vary by hotel. In addition, some hotels may not have set Ladies' Rooms or Ladies' Floors.

Do you have any smoking rooms?

Yes. If you wish to smoke in your room, please request a smoking room when making your booking.

I will be coming by car. Do you have a car park?

Parking facilities vary depending on the hotel. For details, please see the "Access Information" page on the relevant hotel's website.

Are evening meals and breakfast included?

Breakfast and evening meals are included with certain options only. Please see individual options for details. You may also request breakfast on arrival at your hotel.

Can I rent a computer?

Yes. We have laptops available at the rate of ¥1,000 (tax inclusive) per night. Please ask at reception. Please be aware however that availability may be limited.

I need to connect to my company's intranet. Do you provide VPN connections?

Yes. Please select VPN on the option screen when connecting to the Internet. As we have a limited number of global IP addresses however, please be aware that VPN connections may be unavailable in some cases, if they are being used by other guests.

Can I access the Internet in my room?

Yes. All guest rooms are equipped with high-speed Internet connections (up to 100Mbps)

General use of the hotel

Can I make photocopies, send faxes or print documents?

Please ask at reception if you wish to make a photocopy, send a fax or print a document. We have a full range of business facilities available.
* Printing, copying and fax services are available at a charge.

Can I bring visitors up to my room to talk?

Guest rooms are for the use of guests only. Please meet any visitors in the lobby.

Does the hotel close at night?

The main entrance will be closed from 1:00am, but you will still be able to access the hotel after that time using your room key. Please make sure that you take your room key with you when leaving the hotel.

I am going to arrive later than the check-in time I gave when booking.

If you are going to arrive later than your scheduled check-in time, please call the hotel to let them know.

Can I checkout later?

If you wish to request a late checkout, please call a member of staff. If you are a SOTETSU HOTELS CLUB member, you may delay your checkout time from 10:00 to 11:00 free of charge.

Can I check-in earlier?

Check-in is from 15:00 onwards as a rule, to allow time to clean guest rooms. If you wish to request an early check-in however, please ask a member of staff.

Can I leave my luggage with you before checking in/after checking out?

Yes. You can leave your luggage at reception, either before checking in or after checking out. Please feel free to ask a member of staff.

What time is check-in/checkout?

Check-in is from 15:00 onwards. Check-out is no later than 10:00. If you are a SOTETSU HOTELS CLUB member, you may delay your checkout time from 10:00 to 11:00 free of charge.

Other questions

Can minors stay at the hotel without adults?

Minors are able to stay without adults, but they need to get a permission from their parents. We request to write a consent form to their parents, and minor guests need to print out/submit the form to us when they check in. If they refused to write/submit a consent form, we cannot allow minor guests to stay at our hotel. Please download the consent form FAQ page in the hotel where they would like to stay at.

Can I post a link to your website?

We want to provide as many people as possible with information via our website, so you are more than welcome to post a link to our website (*free to link). For full details, please see our "Site Policy".

I would like to send you land or property details for a business hotel.

Please contact us by telephone or using the"Inquiry Form" on our website.