BREAKFAST / 朝食・喫茶のご案内 BREAKFAST / 朝食・喫茶のご案内

Full of fall flavours! Autumn Food Festival 2021, "Have a breakfast at FRESA", is now being held.

Date: Thursday, October 7,2021 ~ Tuesday, November 30,2021 Click here to see target plans >>

For breakfast, we offer a Western style buffet incorporating Hiroshima soul food.

We offer a Japanese-style and Western-style buffet breakfast at 1,100 yen (tax included).
In addition to healthy daily specials and standards like eggs, grilled fish, and salad, we offer famous Hiroshima dishes including conger eel rice, spicy carp sauce yakisoba, Kure navy style original curry, and dishes made with Hiroshima vegetables. We also use Hiroshima ingredients for seasoning and dressings to provide unique Hiroshima cuisine.

*Preschool children of 0 to 6 years old are free of charge.

This hotel accepts cashless payment.
Please use a credit card or QR code payment system when purchasing a breakfast voucher.

Hours(breakfast)6:30-10:00(Last Call 9:30)

Breakfast Menu

Offers for breakfast included