• A 4 minute walk from the East Exit in Kashiwa Station on the the JR Joban Line and Tobu Noda Lines.

Sotetsu Fresa Inn Chiba-Kashiwa

2-5-18 Kashiwa, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba 277-0005 Japan
TEL : (+81) 4-7165-0203

You can get directions from your location to the hotel by tapping "Get Directions On Smarphone" within walking distance from the hotel.

For visitors coming by train

29 minutes away from Ueno station by train
25 minutes away from Nippori station by train
16 minutes away from Kita-senju station by train
8 minutes away from Matsudo station by train
4 minutes away from Abiko station by train
41 minutes away from Kasukabe station by train
37 minutes away from Tokyo station by train
34 minutes away from Ikebukuro station by train
28 minutes away from Funabashi station by train
63 minutes away from Omiya station by train
68 minutes away from Narita Airport by train
  • *Estimated travel time is based on Google map.
  • *Please note that it may take longer than estimated due to heavy traffic (during certain hours)

4 minutes on foot from the east gate of Kashiwa Station. Multiple ways of reaching the hotel.

We are located 4 minutes on foot from Kashiwa Station, which gives you access to the JR Joban Line and Tobu Noda Line, which are ideal for quick access to Kita-Senju Station, Matsudo Station, and Abiko Station.
Kashiwa is home to the Takashiyama and Marui department stores, among others, and is considered to have one of Chiba's finest shopping districts.

Easy access to major train stations like Ueno Station and Nippori Station, all with no transfers required.

Reach major train stations in Tokyo, like Ueno and Nippori, with no stopovers.
The Joban Line and Chiyoda Line are direct routes, meaning you can reach Otemachi Station and Hibiya Station with one train and no stopovers.
Great not only for leisure, but convenient for business use.

There are many universities, research institutions, and companies around the hotel. Perfect for business trips.

Reitaku University, the Shibaura Institute of Technology, Kaichi International University, and other places of higher learning can be found nearby, making this a convenient place if you intend to take part in an open campus or sit university entrance exams.
The Kashiwa-no-ha Campus is where there are research institutions associated with the Ministry of Finance and the University of Tokyo, and the National Cancer Center is also nearby, so this is a convenient area for business trips.

Support the Kashiwa Reysol in their hometown of Kashiwa.

This is the home grounds of the Kashiwa Reysol, who won the J1 League championship.
Kashiwa Station is the nearest station to the stadium. Kashiwa is the home town of J1 league champion team "Kashiwa Raysol".
If you have come to watch a match or are coming as a sporting group, we are equipped to support you.

For visitors coming by car

This hotel does not have parking spaces.

A 13 minute drive from Reitaku University
A 10 minute drive from Shibaura Institute of Technology
A 9 minute drive from Kaichi International University
A 5 minute drive from Hitachi Kashiwa Soccer Stadium
A 15 minute drive from Kashiwanoha-campus
A 20 minute drive from Hondoji Temple
A 15 minute drive from Teganuma
A 52 minute drive from Tokyo Disney Resort
A 67 minute drive from Narita Airport
  • *Estimated travel time is based on Google map.
  • *Please note that it may take longer than estimated due to heavy traffic (during certain hours)

Right off the Kashiwa Interchange on the Joban Expressway.

Located just 12 minutes from the Kashiwa Interchange off of the Joban Expressway, which links Sendai to Tokyo.
Even if traveling from a remote location, you can get here by car with ease.

Easy access to air travel, too! Great access to Narita Airport.

67 minutes by car to Narita Airport. The perfect distance to serve as your hub for both domestic and overseas travel

Tokyo Disney Resort, the land of dreams, is also close by.

Disneyland and DisneySea are 52 minutes away by car.
The travel distance is so short, you can make the most of your time to be at the park all day and experience the world of Disney.
When traveling by car, you don't need to worry about where to store all of the souvenirs and loot you buy.
Shows and events change seasonally, so be sure to confirm details before you depart.

Travel around Kashiwa freely -- don't worry about parking.

There are many parking lots in Kashiwa, letting you travel by car from our hotel to your destination.
Whether you are here for tourism, visiting a college or university, or making a business trip, traveling by car is highly convenient.
Please note that this hotel does not have a dedicated parking area.

Kashiwa-no-ha Smart City is also nearby, and it is where various shops and parks can be found all in one place.

Kashiwa-no-ha Smart City is located at the Tsukuba Express campus station.
This is a cutting-edge destination in which you will find a movie theater, shopping center, a campus of the University of Tokyo, the National Cancer Center, Kashiwa-no-ha Park, the International Stadium, research facilities, hospitals, and much more.

Parking Information

We have an affiliated car park available for your use.

The Kashiwa Tower Square car parking space

  • Fee: 24 hour-ticket for 1200 yen
  • *The parking opens from 7:00 to 23:30
  • Remarks: Maximum vehicles sizes permitted: Length: 5.3m, Width: 1.9m, Height: 2m, low-rider limit: 7cm
  • *Leaving the car parking during the time of length originally bought will result in an additonal charge in case of re-enter.
  • *Please note that there may be congestion in leaving the car parking.
  • *Please make sure to insert your car parking ticket together with 24 hour-ticket into fee machine before leaving the car park space.
  • *For late arrivals and early departures, you may be able to save fee to some extent if you settle with fee machine at the car parking space.

Green Parking Masuya

  • Fee: 24 hour-ticket 1500 yen
  • Hourly Fee: 100 yen/per 15 minutes or 1400 yen up to 12 hours
  • Remarks: Open 24 hours, Height limit: 2.4m