• A 8 minute walk from the Yaesu Exit in Tokyo Station on the JR Tokaido, Yamanote and other Lines
  • A 2 minute walk from Exit 6 in Kyobashi Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line
  • One minute's walk from Exit A5, A6 or A7 in Takaracho Station on the Toei Subway Asakusa Line
  • A 8 minute walk from Exit A3 in Hatchobori Station on the JR Keiyo Line

Sotetsu Fresa Inn Tokyo-Kyobashi

2-11-1 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0031, Japan
TEL : (+81) 3-5250-2031

For visitors coming by train

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10 minutes away from Shinagawa station by train
3 minutes away from Akihabara station by train
7 minutes away from Ueno station by train
17 minutes away from Ikebukuro station by train
15 minutes away from Shinjuku station by train
34 minutes away from Omiya station by train
15 minutes away from Tokyo Disney Resort by train
23 minutes away from Tokyo Sky Trree by train
40 minutes away from Haneda Airport by train
80 minutes away from Narita Airport by train
  • *Estimated travel time is based on Google map.
  • *Please note that it may take longer than estimated due to heavy traffic(during certain hours)

Tokyo is the gateway to Japan. From here, you can access a range of points throughout the country.

Located just 8 minutes from the Yaesu Exit in JR Tokyo Station. One excellent aspect of this hotel is its proximity within walking distance from Takaracho Station on the Toei Asakusa Line, Kyobashi Station on the Ginza Line on the Tokyo Metro, and Hatchobori Station on the JR Keiyo Line. From here, you can reach not only points in the city, but take a journey to anywhere in Japan.

Reach Ginza and Yurakucho right on foot. Enjoy a sophisticated tour of the city or art appreciation.

If you are seeking upscale entertainment in Tokyo, our hotel, just 5 minutes on foot from Ginza, is in the best location. With Ginza 5 minutes away on foot and Yurakucho close by, there are many places to take a nice stroll nearby. It is also just 3 minutes on foot to the Bridgestone Museum, which features modern European art and Japanese takes on Western painting from the Meiji period and beyond. There are many other galleries near the hotel, so you can avail yourself of Tokyo as a city of art.

Outstanding access to standout travel destinations like Akihabara and Shimbashi, too!

Akihabara, the spot travelers from overseas love to visit, is just 3 minutes away by train. Shimbashi, the hallowed ground for Tokyo businesspeople, gives you a look at the deeper aspects of the city.

You can also head out to Tokyo Disney Resort and meet up with Mickey Mouse.

Take Hatchobori Station on the Keiyo Line, just 8 minutes away on foot, to reach Maihama Station in 15 minutes. This is where you will find Tokyo Disney Resort. A single train ride will take you to see Mickey. Now you can savor this dreamland to the fullest, from morning till night.

Tokyo Skytree is just nearby. Enjoy the spectacular views of the city of Tokyo.

Reach the Tokyo Skytree by taking the Toei Asakusa Line from Takaracho Station -- it takes just 13 minutes. Not only can you see Tokyo, but on clear days, you can look out as far as Mt. Fuji. You can also walk to Senso-ji Temple, famous for its large paper lanterns and straw sandals, as well as the shop-lined streets of Nakamise-dori on the temple grounds. This would make a good stop in addition to the Tokyo Skytree.

For visitors coming by car

A 3 minute drive from Tokyo station
A 70 minute drive from Narita Airport
A 3 minute drive from Kyobashi Interchange on the Shuto Expressway Inner Circular Route
A 25 minute drive from Tokyo Disney Resort
A 7 minute drive from Tokyo City Air Terminal (T-CAT)
  • *Estimated travel time is based on Google map.
  • *Please note that it may take longer than estimated due to heavy traffic(during certain hours)

The inner circular route on the Shuto Expressway is even fun just to drive around on. Head out from the Kyobashi Interchange near the hotel to gain access to a much wider range of activities.

The Shuto Expressway gets you everywhere, including Tokyo's most famous destinations. See Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo Bay, Rainbow Bridge, and more in a beautiful view. The Kyobashi Interchange at the heart of the Shuto Expressway is located just 3 minutes by car from the hotel. Why not use this to gain access to not only the Tokyo metropolitan area, but the rest of Japan?

Enjoy great access to both Haneda and Narita Airports.

Haneda Airport is 30 minutes by car, while Narita is 70 minutes. This is great for travel throughout Japan, and even overseas. Our hotel lets you get to the airport with plenty of time before your flight.

Disneyland is also accessible by car. Head out to meet Mickey Mouse in person!

Tokyo Disney Resort is 25 minutes away by car -- how convenient! Enjoy both Disneyland and DisneySea all in one day. In addition to the great attractions, there are seasonal events and shows. There are parades both in the daytime and at night that you simply must see. Some of the events require booking or are on a raffle basis, so check the details before you go.

The unbeatable location gets you close to events at Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center) and Tokyo Dome.

Tokyo Big Sight is famous for hosting Comiket(Comic Market) in summer and winter. It is 20 minutes away by car. Meanwhile, Tokyo Dome, hallowed ground for sports like baseball and other live events, is 15 minutes away. The unbeatable location of our hotel makes it great for business and other events.