• One minute's walk from East Exit in JR Nagano Station.

Sotetsu Fresa Inn Nagano-Higashiguchi

995-1 Kurita, Nagano-shi, Nagano 380-0921 Japan
TEL (+81) 26-480-2038

For visitors coming by train

Approx. 80 minutes by Shinkansen from Tokyo Station
Approx. 70 minutes by Shinkansen from Kanazawa Station
Approx. 50 minutes by train from Matsumoto Station
Approx. 180 minutes by train from Nagoya Station
Approx. 100 minutes by bus and train from Shinshu Matsumoto Airport
Approx. 15 minutes by bus and on foot from Zenkoji Temple
Approx. 30 minutes by bus and on foot from M-WAVE
Approx. 10 minutes by bus and on foot from BIG HAT
Approx. 70 minutes by bus and on foot from Togakushi Shrine
Approx. 60 minutes by bus and on foot from Jigokudani Yaen-Koen (Snow Monkey Mountain)
  • *Estimated travel time is based on Google map.
  • *Please note that it may take longer than estimated due to heavy traffic (during certain hours)

A convenient location one minute's walk from East Exit in Nagano Station.

When you leave Shinshu Gateway from East Exit in Nagano Station, the hotel will be visible on the left.
Without crossing the road it can be accessed by using the pedestrian deck connected to the station.
It also has excellent access to tourist attractions in Nagano Prefecture, the Greater Tokyo Area,the Hokuriku region, and the area around Nagoya.

Many convention centers are within convenient access; including BIG HAT, M-WAVE, and Hokuto Culture Hall.

BIG HAT and M-WAVE, used for the Nagano Winter Olympics, are accessible by bus.
The Hokuto Culture Hall event space is also a 10 minute walk away: our hotel is the closest to Hokuto Culture Hall.

Togakushi Shrine - One of Japan's Best Spiritual Sites

Located at the bosom of Togakushi Mountain, this Shinto shrine with an ancient and honorable origin consists of the five shirines:Okusya, Chusya, Houkosya, Kuzuryusya and Hinomikosya.
With its history of around 2,000 years since the establishment, this Shinto shrine enshrines the gods appearing on a Japanese myth titled "Amano-Iwato Legend", also well-known as one of Japan's best spiritual mountains.
Further, in recent years, this Shinto shrine has been talked about by people as a spiritual site, attracting a lot of visitors from all over Japan.
Around 70-minute by route bus from Naganoeki-mae Station.

You can enjoy camping in the Summer and Winter sports during the Winter.

This area is known for being used as a retreat in the summer, and is also popular for sports events during the winter.
It takes about 40 minutes by bus from Nagano Station to Iizuna Kogen, and Togakushi Kogen can be accessed within 70 minutes.
Both locations have a camp site and skiing facilities.

For visitors coming by car

Approx. 30 minutes from Joshinetsu Expressway Suzaka Nagano-Higashi I.C. (Toward Downtown)
Approx. 40 minutes from Joshinetsu Expressway Nagano I.C. (Toward Downtown)
Approx. 20 minutes by car from M-WAVE
Approx. 40 minutes by car from Chausuyama Zoo
  • *Estimated travel time is based on Google map.
  • *Please note that it may take longer than estimated due to heavy traffic (during certain hours)

Carpark Information

Affiliated parking lot "Nagano Staion East Gate Park" (40 spaces)

Sold on first come first serve basis ¥1,000 per stay

Maximum height: 2.1 m Maximum length: 5 m

Parking tickets are sold per number of days of your stay with each ticket being valid for 24 hours after parking.
A car is limited to entering and exiting once per stay, and there is an extra charge of ¥100 per 30 minutes if the car is taken out during that time.
*Present your parking ticket during check in.
*There are no private parking spaces for the hotel. If the parking lot is full, please use the neighboring public parking lot. In that case, we do not see service tickets.
*For guests who use the restaurant, conference room, or banquet hall, please make direct inquiries at the restaurant desk.