Reservations can be made on our website from up to four months in advance to 26:00 (2 a.m.) of the actual night. You'll get the best deal by making a reservation online as a member of the "SOTETSU HOTELS CLUB," saving more than if you made a reservation by phone or from another reservation site. Also, don't forget to reserve a room with a nice view! We gladly accept requests for rooms to be equipped with items on loan, etc. (Please understand that we may not be able to fulfill your request, depending on the availability of rooms and equipment.)

Time of payment

Accommodation charges are paid in advance. Please pay at the front desk when you check in. Unless you have used the phone in your room, all you need to do when you check out is return your room key at the front desk before you leave the hotel.

Payment methods

Please make an on-site payment or online payment by credit card.

Available payment methods differ from hotel to hotel. Some of the hotels only accept cashless payments.
Please check the website of each hotel for details.
Kindly check the payment methods when booking a room.

*In the process of our company's online credit card payment, the system of an external company will be used. Hence this external company may contact you regarding the payment request and settlement.

Credit card ・QR code payment

We accept the following credit cards and QR code payment.

*Available credit cards may vary by hotels.

Cancellation policy

We impose the following cancellation fees.

  • Cancellation requests made one day prior to the scheduled arrival date: 20% of the total.
  • Cancellation requests made on the day of scheduled arrival: 80% of the total.
  • No-show: 100% of the total.

If you have any further questions regarding payment, please see the Frequently Asked Questions section.

If your question is still unanswered after checking our Frequently Asked Questions section, please use the contact form.

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