Here we answer some frequently asked questions from guests.
Please choose the category that best matches what you wish to know.


Can minors stay at the hotel without adults?

Minors are able to stay without adults, but they need to get a permission from their parents. We request to write a consent form to their parents, and minor guests need to print out/submit the form to us when they check in. If they refused to write/submit a consent form, we cannot allow minor guests to stay at our hotel. Please download the consent form below;
Minor Consent Form

I would like to know the cost allocation for the accommodation tax.

In Osaka, an accommodation tax is levied according to tax ordinance. The accommodation fees displayed on this website include the accommodation tax.
For details on the accommodation tax, please check the Osaka Prefecture homepage.

Can I choose a specific room?

We're very sorry. We assign the rooms ourselves in order that all of our guests can have a pleasant stay. You won't be able to designate your room or floor. Designations will be accepted as requests, but please understand we cannot guarantee your selection.

Are there rooms suitable to accommodate families?

We recommend the Boutique Twin room. It has a sofa bed and a maximum of three people can stay in this room. Please be advised that we do not allow co-sleeping in the sofa bed. We ask for your understanding.

Can I call an outside line from the room phone?

We're very sorry. Outside lines cannot be reached from the room phones.

Is the water in the rooms potable?

Yes. You can drink the room water. The water within each of the rooms' unit baths is potable, so you can rest assured that it is safe to drink.

What kinds of amenities do the rooms have?

Each room contains amenities such as:

  • ・Pajamas (top and bottoms separate)
  • ・Disposable Slippers
  • ・Tea
  • ・Toothbrush
  • ・Foldable Hairbrush
  • ・Cotton swabs
  • ・Razor
  • ・Various Towels
  • ・Shampoo
  • ・Conditioner
  • ・Body Soap

Additionally, various free amenities are available.


Is there a cellphone charger?

Yes, there is. We will rent at the front desk.

I know that all of the rooms are non-smoking, but is there a place I can smoke?

Please use the smoking booth on the front floor.
Please smoke there,

Are there low pillows?

Low Tempur pillows can be borrowed from the front desk. Their numbers are limited so please inquire.

Is there a trouser press?

Each floor has a trouser press located in its elevator hall. It is free to use, but we ask that you take it to your room and use it. Apologies for the inconvenience.

How is the hotel security?

The hotel uses a contactless IC card key system.
The elevator is set up so that when riding, you need to bring your card key to the sensor and then press the button for your room floor.

Non-guests will be unable to enter.

Are there a gym and a spa in the hotel?

Unfortunately, there are no gym or spa facilities within the hotel.

Is there a computer I can use for free?

In the front lobby, there is a computer which guests may freely use. Please take advantage of it if you'd like to look something up.

Are there any items that can be borrowed from the hotel?

We've prepared several items that can be borrowed for your use.
Please inquire at the front desk.

  • ・ Ion steamer
  • ・ Curl dryer
  • ・ Straight iron
  • ・ Foam pillow
  • ・ Blanket
  • ・ Nail clipper
  • ・ Iron/ironing board
  • ・ Trouser press
  • ・ Three sided mirror
  • ・ Desk lamp
  • ・ Ice bucket
  • ・ Cold compress

Are there vending machines in the building?

Yes, located in the vending corner on the second floor. We've prepared options ranging from soft drinks to alcohol.

Is there a grand bath?

Unfortunately, we don't have one at this hotel.
We offer various bath powders as a free amenity.
Please use them for a moment of relaxation.

Can I rent a computer?

Yes, you can rent a computer.
Computer rental costs 1,000 yen per night.
Computers are reted out from the front desk. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please come to the front to rent a computer.

※When concluding the rental contract, you will be asked to provide a proof of identity.

Can I rent a wheelchair?

We have prepared one wheelchair for rental. It can be borrowed from the front desk, so please don't hesitate to inquire. Additionally, the wheelchair is only to be used within the hotel ficilities. We ask for your understanding.

Is there a coin laundry or microwave available?

Yes, located in the vending corner on the second floor.

Is there an ice machine?

Yes, there is. There is a free ice machine in the vending corner on the second floor, so please feel free to use it. Cups are provided for the ice machine.


Is there parking?

Our hotel has no dedicated parking lot. We ask that you use the coin parking located nearby.

About corporate contract on our website

I'd like to make a corporate contract.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but please call the hotel directly or use the contact form for this inquiry.


Will you hold my luggage for me before check-in/after check-out?

Yes. We will hold you luggage.
Luggage can be held until and during the day of your check-out date.
However, we cannot hold luggage overnight. We ask for your understanding.

Can I use my VJA/JCB gift card?

Yes, you can.
Our hotel is among the merchants who accept VJA and JCB gift cards.
There are probably many guests who also have gift cards with eco points, etc, so by all means please use your VISA or JCB gift cards to pay for your stay.
(Usage guidelines conform to those enumerated on the card. )
※VISA gift cards were renamed to VJA gift cards for those issued after January of 2011.

Can I pay with a QUO Card?

Unfortunately, we cannot handle payments made using a QUO Card. We ask for your understanding.

Can I stay with my pet(s)?

We're very sorry. We cannot allow guests to stay together with their pets. We ask for your understanding.

Do you offer early check-in?

We begin accepting check-ins at 12:00pm. We charge 1,000 yen for each hour between 12:00 and 15:00. In some circumstances, the cleaning status of the room may mean that early check-in is not an option. We ask for your understanding.

Are there any convinience stores nearby?

There's a 24-hour Seven-Eleven within less than a minute walk.

Can I meet someone who isn't a guest of the hotel on the premises?

For security reasons, we ask that you refrain from allowing individuals other than hotel guests into your room. Please conduct such meetings in the lobby.

Do you offer any drinks other than green tea as an amenity?

Yes, several varieties of coffee and black tea are available in the front lobby.

Can my check-out time be extended?

Check out time is normally 10:00am, but it can be extended for a fee of 1,000 yen per hour. (Check-out time cannot be extended past 14:00.) Further, please be aware that depending on the day, an extension to your check-out time may not be possible. We ask for your understanding.

Is there a curfew?

No, there's no curfew. However, for security reasons, the front entryway will be locked between 1:00am and 5:00am.
Hotel guests can unlock the entryway using their card keys, however,
We ask guests who haven't yet checked in to contact the front desk over the intercom.
Further, we ask that you contact us if your actual arrival time will be much later than the one you entered on your reservation.